Northville High School Theatre

Presented by the NHS Drama Club

At this time, ticket sales are not available.

The Northville High School Drama Club includes a close knit group of students working both on stage and behind the scenes to produce three great shows every year - a fall musical, winter student-run production and spring musical. 

Stage Parents!!

Would you like to be involved in helping raise funds and support the Drama Club?  The goal of Stage Parents is to support the students in all productions throughout the year.  Our number one objective is to help get "butts in the seats!"  This means we oversee ticket sales and help run the intermission cafe concessions.  We also coordinate the advertising/fundraising/trade partnerships, happy ads, and printing of programs, posters and yard signs.  We aid in the organization of fundraising drama "boot camps," student "poster blitzes," encourage students to create advertising displays in the NHS and Northville library showcases and more!  Our role is to listen, advise, mentor, empower and steer the students toward their amazing goals.  Please join us!

All meetings take place in the Forum at Northville High School.

This year's meeting dates:


Our Past Season // 2019-2020

The 2019-2020 season was a massive success! Our fall play was A Tomb with a View.  Our student-run play was Game of Tiaras, directed by Allie Lavacek. Our spring musical, Willy Wonka, unfortunately had to be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, we created a haunted house called Barn of Blood.


Be sure to join us in the audience! 
You'll be glad you did!