Northville High School Theatre

Presented by the NHS Drama Club

Our Current Season: 2019-2020

Show Dates!

"A Tomb with a View"
A comedy thriller about a wealthy, more than a little eccentric family gathered at a country manor for the reading of their late father's will.  Naturally, under these circumstances, not everyone who arrives, leaves. 
Thursday, November 14th @7:00 pm, Friday, November 15 @7:00 pm, Saturday, November 16th @1:00 pm and @7:00 pm and Sunday, November 17

"Game of Tiaras" 
When the aging king of a magical kingdom (England) decides to split his empire between his three daughters, Cinderella, Belle, and the Snow Queen (who is no way resemble copyrighted characters), terrible tragedy ensues.  Terrible, hilarious tragedy.
Thursday, January 23rd @7:00 pm, Friday, January 24th  @7:00 pm, Saturday, January 25th @1:00 pm and @7:00 pm

"Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" the Musical
Tentatively reschuled: April 30 @7:00 pm, Friday, May 1st @7:00 pm, Saturday, May 2, @1:00 pm and @7:00 pm