Northville High School Theatre

Presented by the NHS Drama Club

Drama Club

The NHS Drama Club is an extracurricular group of students that puts on three shows per year including a fall play, a student-run production, and a spring musical, as well as an annual student-constructed haunted house that is open to the public.  We spend the year running a production which includes cast, set construction, lighting and sound design, prop making, costuming, stage managing, and more. 

Haunted House

Student Run


The NHS Drama Club puts on a haunted house every year. It is usually the first event of the year for the club. The theme is always different and always fun! The haunted houses are a big hit to the public as well as the students at NHS.

The NHS Drama Club puts on one Student Run play every year. The Student Run play is produced and directed by students alone. The Student Run play gives students a wide variety of positions to try out for. From the Director to the actors to the crew, every aspect of the play is in the hands of the students! 

The NHS Drama Club puts on a Fall play and a Spring musical. These are both professionally directed and the biggest productions of the year for the club. The plays always involve a big crew, and the musical always has the largest cast. The club spends months preparing for these performances, and the results are always rewarding!


Cast is always a hit in the club and is the face of our performances, from the student run to the musical. We have actors of every grade who are part of the cast. Everyone gets a fair chance at auditions to show what they got. Our actors have a fun experience working with one another, learning lines, memorizing staging, and performing live. 


Our crew members are a very dedicated part of the club. We take care of tech so actors can have a smooth and enjoyable performance. We have a large variety of crew such as, Lighting, Sound, Props, Costuming, Set Building, Makeup, and much more. Most of our crew works everyday in the Scene Shop. Crew is a very fun experience and we invite all to join.