Northville High School Theatre

Presented by the NHS Drama Club

Edmond Guay

Mr. Guay is the current Director here at the NHS. He comes from a long line of acting and directing. His passion is theater and in the past he was the long term director at Avondale High School. He came out of retirement to help our club when we needed a new director more than ever. We thank Mr. Guay for all his hard work and sacrifice to our club.

Bryan Johnson

Bryan Johnson is the Auditorium Manager for the school and is also the Head Advisor of the club. For nearly 2 decades, Bryan Johnson has been the head advisor and had the responsibility of overseeing the club. He is a mentor, friend and instructor in the club to all. 

Jeremy Shattuck

Jeremy Shattuck is an administrator for the school and has been a part of the club for many years. In the past, Jeremy Shattuck has been the shop foreman for the club and is an important member of the crew. 

Jim Walters

Mr. Walters is the current Vocal Director for the NHS Drama Club. He is also the piano accompanist for the school's choir.  Mr. Walters is part of many theatrical performances along with our own.

Michael Rumbell

Mr. Rumbell is the Pit Director for the NHS Drama Club. He is also the schools music teacher/conductor. Mr. Rumbell has been working at the school for 50 years.